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3-Credit STEM / STEAM
course this summer. 

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"I found this class to be one of the most exciting and valuable that I have taken."
  —Lisa Abramovic, Beaverton School District

Teacher using a loupe at a Private Eye Workshop



“The Private Eye is fantastic for teachers and students alike.
Sandra Antalis, Manager, 
Elementary Science 
Houston ISD

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STEM course

One-Day Workshop 
This workshop engages participants in a lively, hands-on experience with the interdisciplinary Private Eye: a journey into the drama and wonder of looking closely at the world, thinking by analogy, changing scale, and theorizing. The Private Eye process develops higher order thinking skills, creativity, literacy, and scientific literacy for both students and teachers across subjects. It instills a deep connection to nature. Participants use tabletop specimens (live and preserved) and see many examples of student work throughout the workshop. They write, draw, theorize, and begin outside fieldwork. The hands-on activities alternate with reflections on the process at work. Whether working with students in ecology and conservation, in the sciences-at-large, in writing, math, art or social studies, participants learn — and experience first hand — how The Private Eye’s simple tools produce "gifted" results. The Private Eye is a natural way to meet the standards, providing one of the easiest and most complete means for blending inquiry with content. It is closely aligned with Marzano’s research on High Yield Instructional Strategies as well as the Common Core State Standards and STEM cross-cutting concepts. Participants leave the workshop excited and ready to use The Private Eye approach immediately, primed to lead others on a new journey of discovery. 

Two-Day Workshop 
On the second day of The Private Eye Workshop participants extend and deepen the work begun on day one. They expand their understanding and use of The Private Eye with collaborative and individual activities, including: “Strawberry Outside-In” (exploring characteristics and properties); extended loupe-analogy writing; a chance to build a “one inch pond”; loupe-math and the mathematical mind; a change of scale drawing; reflection periods; and lesson plan design.

2-Unit and 3-Unit Course
In depth STEM training with The Private Eye. Read more here

Course materials: As part of the workshop each participant will receive:
  • The Private Eye Teacher Guide
  • The Class Loupe Set (36 loupes in polygrid case)
  • The Private Eye Deluxe World-in-a-Bag (two loupes and eight specimens)
  • The Private Eye Notebook
  • The Private Eye Poster
  • Lesson Handouts
  • Loupe Leash and Head Leash
  • Pivotal overheads used during the workshop—makes it easy for teachers teaching The Private Eye in the classroom. One master set (paper) of 18 overheads given to district in advance. Districts typically duplicate these and hand out one set to each course participant.
  • Download a pdf of our Workshop & Materials Portrait