Common Core, NGSS, and Marzano Correlations

The heart of The Private Eye program is thinking by analogy, which leading educators and neuroscientists consider to be at the core of cognition — in other words, the foundation of all learning, indeed, knowledge. The Private Eye process develops critical thinking skills, creativity, and literacy as well as scientific and mathematical literacy — across subjects. The Private Eye provides a natural, efficient, holistic basis to meet the Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards, as well as the Marzano Instructional Strategies. The following PDF give friendly Private Eye tips and guidance to go with each correlation. 

Common Core Literacy & The Private Eye Correlations
        Grade K   —  read now
        Grade 1   -  coming soon
        Grade 2   —  read now
        Grade 3   —  read now
        Grade 4   —  read now
        Grade 5   —  read now
        Grades 6 - 12 in progress
Common Core Mathematics & The Private Eye Correlations
        Grade K — read now
        Grade 1  — read now
        Grade 2  — read now
        Grade 3  — read now
        Grade 4  — read now
        Grades 5, 6, 7 – 12 in progress
Next Generation Science Standards: Crosscutting Concepts 
& The Private Eye Correlations

        Patterns — read now 
        Scale Proportion and Quantity — in progress
        Structure & Function — in progress
        Systems & System Models — in progress
        Cause & Effect: Mechanism & Explanation — in progress

The Big Ideas in Science & The Private Eye Correlations

Marzano Instructional Strategies & The Private Eye Correlations