The Private Eye Class Kit

Private Eye Class Kit 

To make it as easy as possible to bring students and teachers to "other worlds" quickly, we have designed The Private Eye Class Kit. Kit Contents: 

  • The Private Eye Class Set of Loupes (36 loupes in 2 poly-grid cases)
  • The World In A Box® (Where the first stage of fieldwork is done for you! A collection of 34 specimens presented at "desktop" scale — a kind of tabletop fieldwork for looking, writing, drawing, theorizing.)
  • 20X Brock Microscope, durable, easy to use, built in light source, superb lens quality
  • DVD Introduction to The Private Eye, (8 min.) A lively introduction to The Private Eye: staff development & classroom use.
  • The Private Eye Teacher Guide
  • The Private Eye Motivational Poster
  • Resource books and videos: Powers of Ten video (DVD); The Practical Entomologist; Art Forms in Nature
  • The Private Eye Activity Sheet Master Pack: Intermediate level (Grade 3 - Adult)
  • The Private Eye Collect-it-Yourself Museum Kit "8"
  • The Private Eye Inquiry Poster Set, 6 posters
  • The Private Eye Tub, a durable polypropylene tub to keep your kit organize

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